The two-time World Champion made his return to the single seater at 71 years old driving the all-electric Formula E car for the first time around the street-racing track in Zurich – as motor racing made its return to Switzerland for the first time in 64 years.

The predictability and lack of competition in Formula One has caused major waves all season with even drivers getting involved – Fernando Alonso calling it ‘sad’, Lewis Hamilton calling the Monaco Grand Prix ‘boring’ and Sergio Perez saying it needed ‘more competition.’

This stands in stark contrast to Formula E, where strict rules on team spending and tech regulated across the grid have created a much tighter field – with 11 different drivers appearing on the podium this season.

And with young drivers such as ex-Toro Rosso F1’s Jean-Eric Vergne leading the Championship and Jaguar’s 23-year-old Mitch Evans impressing having failed to get the funding for an F1 tilt – Fittipaldi admitted young drivers looking to make a name could have more luck outside F1.

“I think the equipment balances the drivers and I think the drivers’ ability in Formula E is shown more than it is in Formula One,” he said.  “So I think [Formula E] is a really good option for drivers who have talent and who want to show their talent.

“I think it is very important for the young talent to be able to show their performance and their ability to drive fast and I think sometimes in Formula One it is difficult to have that parameter because you have very different teams and very different equipment.

“In Formula E due to the rules it is much more similar and I think with all the car manufacturers coming into Formula E it is going to become a huge technical challenge as well for them to find the best tech.”

This week CEO and Founder Alejandro Agag has said the Championship ‘would love’ to welcome Fernando Alonso into the fold with his future at McLaren up in the air to join former Ferrari teammate Felipe Massa.

The Spaniard’s next career move is yet to be established but Fittipaldi insists, in his opinion, Alonso is still the finest driver on the Formula One grid.

 “I love Lewis, he is an incredible talent and I’m one of his biggest fans,” added the Brazilian. "I think he is a fantastic driver but still today I feel, with all due respect because there are lots of very good drivers out there, that Fernando Alonso is still the most complete driver. 

“I love Lewis, Vettel – they’re top but I still think Fernando is the best.”