Bloom, accompanied by friend Leonardo DiCaprio, attended Formula E’s third race of the season and even got behind the wheel of a high-speed electric race car, having warmed up for a thrilling day of action by quad biking in the Moroccan desert on Friday.

And after gaining some tips from fellow Brit and ABB FIA Formula E Championship leader Sam Bird, Bloom wowed fans in the car - capable of reaching 0–100 km/h in 3 seconds, with a maximum top speed of 225 km/h.

“I definitely pushed the car, right to the limit as I took a little clip to the nose at the end" he said afterwards.

"It's such an adrenaline rush, it's brilliant. I didn't exactly do what happened in New York but, hey - at least I was driving the car and the car wasn't driving me."

Bloom, celebrating his 41st birthday, partied at the exclusive Armanjena Hotel the night before where he was presented with a birthday cake shaped as a Formula E car.

But behind the celebrations is a serious reason for the actor and climate change activist’s interest in the fast-growing global sport.

He said: “Having been following the Championship since it started I have wanted to come and watch a race live for some time.

“The exciting thing about this is obviously the technology they are developing with the cars on the track today, which obviously is moving at a very rapid pace and will have an impact on everything we can see at home. Which is obviously having an impact on the environment.

“I've always loved cars - I've always loved fast cars - and now this has a guilt-free capacity because you can enjoy all of that, whilst knowing that you're doing something that's going to have a good impact on the environment.

Asked  if he would be joining the electric mobility revolution and buying and electric car, the actor said: “I've been waiting for the technology to get to a place where it's bulletproof and that's what Formula E is doing".

"The batteries no longer an issue, so now it's about infrastructure and charging stations. So if you imagine you can charge your car at home as fast as you can charge a Formula E car, then the knock-on effect is amazing.”

"I can tell you Formula E is a lot of fun.”